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Tuesday, 02 June 2015 14:30

Wearable Can Alter Your Mood

Whether you need a jolt of energy or a calmer state of mind, this device from Thync claims to be able to shift the state of your mind.  It uses neurosignaling to safely stimulate the nerves on your head and face using low level electrical pulses which signal specific areas of the brain. 

The Thync module attaches to self-adhesive flexible printed electronic strips.  The strips come in energy or calming flavors.  Strips are guaranteed for single use but you may be able to use them additional times if your skin is clean and dry.  Additional strips are available in packs of five of energy or calming strips for $19.95

As no gadget is complete without an app, the Thync app is available for iOS 8 and higher with an Android version promised soon.  

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