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Friday, 20 May 2016 07:02

Sense Monitors Your Power Usage

If you're wondering why your electric bill is so high, the Sense home energy monitor is just what you're looking for.  Install it in your electric panel, download the app, establish a WiFi connection, and Sense will detect the appliances connected to your power line and monitor their power usage.  Using current sensors on your circuit breakers, a 1 GHz ARM processor monitors the power line and "multidomain device signature detection algorithms" in the cloud distinguish one appliance from another.  That means that Sense doesn't rely on smart appliances for its data.  The gathered metrics are sent to the phone app giving you the time of day, duration, and the amount of power consumed for each appliance.

Currently the Sense app is available for the iPhone with an Android version promised for August 2016.  Web and computer interfaces and Sense Solar, a version for solar panels, are currently being developed for future release.


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